Iqbal Institute of culture & Philosophy is not confined to the study of Iqbal alone. Instead, the Institute has over the years, developed into an inter disciplinary centre of intellectual activity, scholarship and research. As such, the Institute admits students for research from various disciplines like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English, Political Science, Philosophy, Education, Sociology and Islamic Studies. The present positions in the Institute happen to be just one Professors one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor. Presently only one Assistant Professor is working and remaining three positions are vacant yet.

          The Institute has chalked out a number of plans and programmes to establish links with reputed research centers and literary organizations of the country. To popularize Iqbal studies and propagate Allama Iqbal’s thought and art, the Institute has already started holding national seminars, poetic symposia and debates etc. Extension lectures on Iqbal Studies and its allied subjects are delivered by the scholars of International repute. 

          So far more than hundred seminars and conferences including national level seminars have been organized, which have been highly appreciated in the academic circles of the country and abroad.

Total number of Publications: -             110 (Books)

Research Journal Iqbaliyat:                  28 (Volumes)

In view of the above the Institute needs to be expanded considerably in future. Since it deals with many disciplines of research, it requires adequate faculty position of the related disciplines. The Institute intends to introduce a P.G. diploma course in Iqbaliyat of 06 months duration as the candidates from different disciplines such as English, Sociology, Education, Pol. Science, Islamic Studies and others and are not as such equipped with the required knowledge of Urdu / Persian especially of the Iqbalian thought.